Vanilla Bean Organic Miracle Oil

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Why the name Miracle Oil? Because there is so much goodness and function packed into one little bottle!  

Miracle Oil contains only 3 ingredients, organic camellia and safflower oils and fresh Madagascan vanilla beans.  The beans (and their fragrance) are slowly infused into the oil to create a multi purpose product that smells amazing, is quickly absorbed, and can be used numerous ways. 

Use Miracle Oil as a skin moisturizer (face & body), make-up remover, hair treatment, oil cleanser, cuticle treatment, or try it on minor burns, bug bites and skin irritations. 

INGREDIENTS:  Infused organic oils of camellia and safflower, fresh Madagascan vanilla beans.



  • Organic Camellia Oil contains antioxidants and helps to give a revitalized and rejuvenated look to your skin and hair.  Camellia oil protects the skin against the abuse of external environmental elements, reduces the appearance of mature skin, and gives a nourished look to your complexion. It is easily absorbed by the skin, and has traditionally been used as a hair conditioner and nail strengthener.
  • Organic Safflower Oil is the first choice for a fast moisturizing oil.  Safflower oil is found to be ideal for improving the quality and texture of skin due to the abundance of linoleic acid.  This oil is capable of softening up dry areas, smoothing rough patches, and improving both the texture and tone of your skin.
  • Madagascan Vanilla Beans contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which can help soothe and calm irritated skin. Vanilla Beans also contain vanillin, a polyphenol with powerful anti-oxidant properties. 



  • As a moisturizer:  Miracle Oil can be used as a facial and body moisturizer.  Apply small amount onto clean skin in place of moisturizer.
  • As a make-up remover:  Instead of make up wipes, use Miracle Oil to remove make up and organically moisturize at the same time.  Simply apply oil to face, massage in circles, and wipe with a cotton pad or wash cloth.  (not recommended for mascara removal from lashes).
  • As hair treatment:  Pour a tiny amount of Miracle Oil onto palm, rub hands together, and apply to split ends, fly aways, frizzes, or use to add definition and to smooth curls.
  • As an oil cleanser:  Dampen face with warm water, apply small amount of Miracle Oil, and massage onto face.  Place a warm wash cloth over face, let sit for 10 seconds, and remove.
  • For burns and bites:  Apply Miracle Oil to minor burns and bug bites to speed healing time, reduce inflammation and help with itching and irritation.


GOOD TO KNOW: Miracle Oil contains 100% organic plant oils and is made fresh in small batches. There are no added fillers, preservatives,  fragrance, colour or synthetic chemicals of any kind. Never tested on animals and ingredients are biodegradable and vegan.

JAR SIZE: 60 ml

Best if used up 6 months from date of purchase.

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