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** Please note that due to risk of melting, this product is currently only available for local delivery in London, Ontario until the fall and can not be shipped *

What are face balms, you ask?  Well, let me tell you.

Juji face balms are 100% natural skin care products made up of butters, oils, and essential oils.

They are extremely hydrating without being greasy or heavy, and they melt into a luxurious oil when they come into contact with your skin.  They also provide protection against the elements, and are multi-functional.

Juji face balms are different because they don't include wax, but do include a high percentage of organic shea butter.  We are able to include this much shea because each batch is carefully made by hand, and a secret process is used (instead of chemicals) that results in the perfect consistency, every time.

Choose from Blue Concentrated Face Balm or Lemonaid Wonder Balm.  Read product descriptions to see which one is right for you.