Why all natural skin care is best

Europeans do it. Your grandma or great-grandma did it. And now you can do it.  Using oil as a skin moisturizer is nothing new, and it is the cleanest, most healthy way of moisturizing your skin. Period. Skin oils do not need preservatives or chemicals, and are the only skin product that can be made using 100% organic ingredients ( which is what we do at Skin Inc.).  If formulated properly, they are quickly absorbed, non-greasy, and extremely effecive.  Many also offer benefits such as fine-line reduction, free-radical scavenging and...

All natural skin care is best because it is good for your skin, good for your body, and good for the planet. Mainstream and even some so-called natural skin care companies pack their products with water and chemicals, and have ingredient lists so long it would take you hours to research every single one of them. Not to mention that most of the ingredients have not been tested or researched to ensure that they are safe or non-toxic, and some have been linked to cancer. And did you know that it can take 100 chemicals or more to make a fragrance? So if fragrance or parfum is listed on your current skin care products, you just added 100 more untested chemicals to your daily toxic burden. ( insert artile about 500 chenicals exposure a day ) Many skin conditions are caused by products that are used to 

So weather you have a current undiagnosed skin condition, a skin sensitivity, or you want to ensure that you are using the healthiest ingredients on your body, choosing to use organic oils, food grade ingredients and botanical extracts as part of your skin care routine is one of the best choices you can make for yourself and your family.  ..

All natural skin care is gaining popularity every year, and with good reason. As consumers are growing more educated on the ingredients in their food, they are also becoming more educated on the ingredients in their skincare. The link between what you put in your body and on your body is becoming stronger every day.  

Skin is such an incredible organism. Being the largest organ on the body, it provides many functions that we don't really think about on a daily basis. It protects us from the outside environment, acts as a barrier to keep . It also absorbs chemicals, which can enter ther bloodstream and are filetered out through the liver or kidney. That is where the scary part of skin care comes in. Although it is not known how many chemicals actually enter the bloodstream ( because this research has not been done on any skin care ingredient ) there is also no research on how these synthetic chemicals can react when only applied to the top layer of the skin