A (few) words about preservatives

Preservatives are, unfortunately, necessary in some situations and skin care is not excluded from this.

On my search to find the cleanest skincare possible, I was constantly disappointed to find that almost all 'Natural' or 'Organic' products contained at least one preservative and multiple other nasty ingredients. The reason these product contain preservatives is because most include water (a filler) as their main ingredient and therefore a preservative must be used. So although there may be some organic ingredients included in these products, the manufacturing companies definition of 'Natural' and 'Organic' certainly did not match my definition of 'Natural' and 'Organic'. 

Many people have terrible skin reactions to preservatives and the slew of chemicals that are added into all our skincare products. Not to mention long-term health concerns that these preservatives are linked to ( insert study about parabens and cancer ) 

Disheartened to discover that there were no such thing as natural or organic preservatives ( no, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin E and rosemary extract are not broad-spectrum preservatives and some have even been found to be laced with preservatives) I decided that I would need to develop a line that simply did not need preservatives, and that is how Skin Inc. came to be..  

e any water than I would not need to  add preservatives. So that is why the shelf life on all the products are 6 months or less ( but they are intended to be used up within the amount of time given anyway ).

The only caveat to this are the scrubs. If the scrubs are kept in the shower, water will get into the product. Although the scrubs have been designed with ingredients that are somewhat of a natural preservative ( sugar, glycerin, oil ) if water is introduced there may be a chance that bacteria will grow. That is why I have instructed that the scrubs should be kept outside of the shower and scooped into a separate container before using.  However I have also decided to offer a preservative to customers who would prefer one in their scrubs. See details here : ( link to scrub FAQ's )