Restore FAQ

Q. Will Restore leave my skin oily ?
Restore has been formulated with richer oils, so it may take a bit longer to absorb than Hydrate but not that much longer. If you have dry skin, Restore is very quickly absorbed and can be used as a daily moisturizer.  Restore can also be used as a treatment around the eyes.
Q. How is Restore different than Hydrate?
Restore and Hydrate are comprised of totally different oils, and each oil benefits the skin in it's own unique way.  Restore was designed with richer oils,  and the essential oils used help to reduce inflammation, and promote relaxation and stress relief. Hydrate was designed using faster absorbing oils with a crisp and refreshing scent. 
Q. Can I use Restore during the day?
Sure! If your skin is feeling drier than normal (due to the cold winter weather, for example ) Restore is a great choice.  Dry skin sucks Restore in very quickly, so it is a perfect daily moisturizer for this skin type.  

Q. Can I request Restore unscented ?

Yes of course, all our products can be made without essential oils for those who are scent sensitive. However they won't smell as great ! Many of the oils used in our products are organic, cold pressed and unaltered (so they are not bleached or deodorized). But after application, any natural scent the products have will quickly fade and not be noticed.