Hydrate FAQ

Q. Will Hydrate leave my skin oily?

No, Hydrate has been formulated with fast absorbing organic oils and will only take a few seconds to be fully absorbed.

Q. Can I wear Hydrate under make-up?

Yes, Hydrate is also an excellent make-up primer and beauty blender for foundation or BB creams. 

Q. What makes Hydrate different from other facial oils? 

Hydrate is 98% organic, and uses high performing plant oils and energizing essential oils which create its crisp scent. Truly organic skin care ingredients are very difficult to find and are also very expensive, especially if found at Sephora or other high-end department stores. There are now facial oils being sold in drug stores by mainstream cosmetic companies but they are packed with fillers and chemicals, just like the rest of their products. Don't be fooled by the name of the product, if you can't read or understand the ingredient list you should not be putting it on your skin.

Q. What makes Hydrate different form Restore?

Hydrate and Restore are comprised of entirely different plant oils, and each oil benefits the skin in it's own unique way. Hydrate was designed using fast absorbing oils with crisp and energizing essential oils added for scent, while Restore was designed with oils that take a bit longer to absorb and uses essential oils that provide anti-inflammatory properties, relaxation and stress relief. Both can be used either during the day or night, depending on your skin type.  If you have oily to normal skin, Hydrate is best but if you have dry skin, Restore can be used day or night. 

 Q. Can I request Hydrate or Restore unscented ?

Yes of course, all our products can be made without essential oils for those who are scent sensitive. However they won't smell as great ! Many of the oils used in our products are organic, cold pressed and unaltered (so they are not bleached or deodorized).  But after application, any natural scent the products have will quickly fade and not be noticed.