Coconut and Lime Deodorant Cream FAQ's

Q. My Coconut and Lime Deodorant Cream is too hard or soft

Because the Coconut and Lime Deodorant Cream is a 100% natural product, no chemicals have been added to manipulate the texture and temperature fluctuations can change the consistency of the deodorant. The ideal temperature is between 70-75 degrees, which is the average temperature of most homes in Canada and the US. If the deodorant is too cold, it will harden up. If it is too warm, it will start to melt. Either way, the deodorant is still effective. So to keep the deodorant at a nice, creamy consistency ensure it is kept at the ideal temperature. 

Q. This deodorant isn't preventing me from sweating

As stated under the product description, this is a product for odor control and not an antiperspirant.  Although inconvenient, sweating is healthy for the human body. Through sweating, the body controls temperature and releases toxins. So using aluminum laden products to try and block this from happening has potential for dangerous side effects. This deodorant can be re-applied if more odor control is needed ( for example after a workout or on a hot summer day ). And if you are sweating a bit, we would suggest that you dab your armpits from time to time with a kleenex.

We understand that everyone's bodies are different and sometimes there may be no choice but to use an antiperspirant. But we would encourage you to try to work this deodorant into your routine. Juji Skin's Coconut and Lime Deodorant Cream will help you lower your toxic exposure and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that you don't need as much antiperspirant as you thought.  

Q. Is Coconut and Lime Deodorant Cream safe for teens?

Yes, this deodorant is safe for young adults as well. Sometimes baking soda can cause a reaction to those who are sensitive to it, and in that case use should be discontinued. But we have found this side effect to be very rare. 

 Q. Why don't you supply an applicator?

Because the consistency of the deodorant can change, an applicator that worked at all times was difficult to find. The best applicator is your fingers, however we have also found that a dampened sea sponge, or a round make-up applicator works well as long as the deodorant is at the right temperature.     

Q. What do I do with the extra that is left on my fingers?

We have found that this small amount can be applied to hair as an anti-static treatment, or it can just be rubbed onto any other part of the body as a moisturizer.